School Leadership

Barrett 2019-2

Barrett Donovan

Director of Communication & Engagement
Chris Barlow

Chris Barlow

Director of HMI Gap

Justin Talbot

Director of Wilderness Programs & Risk Management
Amy 2020

Amy Roberts

Director of HMI Semester & Academic Dean
Barb Walker

Barb Walker

Director of Finance & Operations
Danny O’Brien

Danny O’Brien

Head of School
Ray headshot photoshopped-3

Ray McGaughey

Director of Admissions & Financial Aid

HMI Semester Faculty

Izzy 2020

Izzy Zucker

Mathematics Faculty
Jess 2019-2

Jessica Wolinsky

Dean of Students
Erik 2019-3

Erik Schmidt

History Faculty
Jacob 2020

Jacob Sheetz-Willard

English Faculty
Hayden 2020

Hayden Shea

Residential Life & Science Faculty
Garrett 2019-2

Garry Schlag

Science Faculty
Dylan B 2020-2

Dylan Barnes

Spanish Faculty
Avery 2019-2

Avery Kernan

Dean of Apprentice Program
Dylan-Kane 2019-2

Dylan Kane

Mathematics Faculty
Liz 2019 1-2

Liz Andrews

Humanities Faculty

Advancement Office Staff

Claire 2019-2

Claire Sutton

Assistant Director of HMI Gap
Lupe Headshot

Lupe Bobadilla

Admissions Associate & Diversity Recruitment Coordinator

Operations & Program Staff

Amy Z 2020-3

Amy Zhang

Kitchen & Wilderness Fellow

Todd Soderberg

Gear Room Manager
DCB 2019-2

Dave Clark-Barol

Director of Summer Programs & Wilderness Coordinator
Annabele 2020

Annabel Parker

Student Health & Services Coordinator
Joe 2019-2

Joe Marks

Maintenance Assistant
Tom Judge

Tom Judge

Facilities Manager
Jeff 2020

Jeff Harkness

Cook & Kitchen Manager
Em Ducharme 2020

Em Ducharme

Administrative Coordinator & Registrar

HMI Gap Faculty

wetzel headshot-2

Olivia Wetzel

Sydney Stein

Sydney Stein

Lower, Whit-2

Whit Lower

Brittany LeTendre

Brittany LeTendre

Kaelin, Sam-2

Sam Kaelin

Hill, Michael-2

Michael Hill

Turner, Miles-2-2

Miles Turner

Gap Faculty
Wood, Emma-2

Emma Wood

Gap Faculty
Bollen, Nicholas-2

Nicholas Bollen

Gap Faculty
Brad Ward

Brad Ward

Gap Faculty

Madeline Short

Gap Faculty