2021-22 Dates

Fall Semester: July 30, 2021- December 18, 2021
Spring Semester: January 9, 2022- May 30, 2022

Fall and spring semester student calendars are available here

If you have questions please contact Avery Kernan at akernan@hminet.org or by calling 719-486-8200 x108.

Please use this link to enroll with Western State Colorado University for credit in ROE 510.

Forms to Return and Paperwork Requested

Assumption of Risk & Release and Indemnity Agreement

Health Care Provider Physical Form

General Medical History & Information Forms

Health Insurance Information

A copy of your driver’s license

A copy of your health insurance card

A copy of your Wilderness First Aid or Wilderness First Responder certification


Apprentice Handbook

Curriculum Guide

On-Campus Packing List for Apprentices

Wilderness Equipment & Packing List please note that equipment rental is free to apprentices

Travel and Tuition Insurance Information

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