Our Community Across the Country

HMI Alumni are an inspiring and welcoming group. Just as alumni continue to play an important role in the life of our school once they leave HMI, we hope that HMI can support alumni by providing continued inspiration. We hope that the resources available in these pages will help you stay connected to Leadville, your HMI cohort, and the HMI community. Whether you want to attend an event, make a gift, or update us on your recent adventures, your participation in HMI’s alumni network strengthens our community and the spirit of this school.

For a list of trip planning ideas, tips, and resources, check out our Alumni Resources page.  

If you have any questions about HMI’s alumni resources, or anything concerning alumni relations, please feel free to contact Louisa McBride, HMI’s Advancement Associate at lmcbride@hminet.org

Ways to Stay Involved

Spring 2021 Newsletter: Highlighting Alumni Success

Spring 2021 Alumni Updates

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