Our campus in Leadville, Colorado

Nestled on the edge of the White River National Forest, our campus offer an inspirational setting for students to interact with the natural world and engage with their peers and teachers. At 9,600 feet above sea level, HMI is one of the highest-elevation schools in North America. 

Students live in rustic cabins with their peers

Lit by solar-powered lights, and heated by wood-burning stoves, our rustic cabins are home for our students during the HMI Semester and Summer Term. Students learn to chop wood and build the fire that heats their cabin at night. 

Just ten minutes from downtown Leadville...

A national historic district with buildings dating back to the 1880s, Leadville is as fine a mountain town as Colorado has to offer. Students have the chance to explore “America’s Highest Incorporated City” on the weekends, taking in its stores, coffee shops, and historic character. No visit to town is complete without a stop at Melenzana, Leadville’s hometown outdoor apparel company, and City on a Hill, the local coffee shop and art gallery. 

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