Upcoming Webinars

Our live webinars have concluded for the season. We encourage you to view the recording of a recent webinar below. 

Recorded Webinars

HMI Semester Webinar: HMI Director of Admissions Ray McGaughey, Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Lupe Bobadilla, and Advancement Associate Louisa McBride are joined by two recent HMI Semester alumni and their families for this webinar. After the webinar, there is a brief overview of HMI financial aid policies and practices. Recorded December 14th, 2021.

HMI Summer Term Webinar: HMI Director of Admissions Ray McGaughey is joined by two recent Summer Term alumni and their families. This webinar covers the wilderness, writing, and community components of the HMI Summer Term. At the end of the webinar is a short overview of the Summer Term financial aid process. Recorded December 13, 2021.

En Español: Grabaciónes de Semenarios Web

Un resumen y presentación ofrecido por la oficina de admisiones de HMI con testimonios de exalumnos del programa. Grabado 16 de diciembre de 2020.

BIPOC Students & Families Webinar

HMI Semester & Summer Term BIPOC Webinar (With Optional Financial Aid Overview)

  • This webinar took place on January 6th, 2021 and was open to students and families who identify as Black, indigenous, and people of color. 
  • Email Lupe Bobadilla for a recording

Contact the Admissions Office

By email: admissions@hminet.org

By phone:  (719) 486-8200 extension 1

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