The Alumni Council is made up of alumni who represent a range of HMI programs, professions, demographics, and interests. The Council convenes in Leadville for a long weekend every spring to reconnect with HMI, discuss opportunities for alumni leadership in HMI’s future, consult on HMI’s strategic planning and fundraising, and to stimulate the growing HMI alumni network.

We have created this group to provide yet another leadership opportunity through which HMI alumni can grow and stay inspired by an organization that has played a meaningful role in their lives.

As alumni representing many years of education at HMI, the Alumni Council has a wealth of diverse life experiences to share with current students and alumni throughout the country. In building this group, we also hope to provide a structure through which HMI alumni can network across the country, consult on colleges and jobs, and develop experience for future potential service on the HMI Board of Trustees.

We accept applications for the Alumni Council Each Spring

In order to complete your application, please answer the following questions in a letter of interest, and email it to Alexa Adams (, Chair of the Governance Committee. You must be at least 21 years of age to apply.

Please include the following in your Letter of Interest:

  1. Name, email address, mailing address
  2. What is your connection to HMI? What HMI programs have you participated in?
  3. Why do you want to join HMI’s Alumni Council? 
  4. What can your unique perspective bring  to the Alumni Council? 
  5. Do you have any specific experience, whether personal or professional, that would benefit the Council? For example: Fundraising, marketing, social media, board membership, event planning, or nonprofit management. If not, do you have particular interest in learning more about one of these topics? 

Meet the Council

Alexa Adams
Chair of Governance Subcommittee, Semester 28 Student & Semester 40 Apprentice
Alexa grew up in Williamstown, MA and attended Mt. Greylock Regional High School before heading to college in Lewiston, ME and studying at Bates. She currently resides in Washington, DC and works in admissions at The School for Ethics and Global Leadership (SEGL).

Andrew “Bernie” Bernstein
Semester 8 Student
Andrew hails from Allentown, PA. He went to high school at Packer Collegiate Institute, and graduated from Skidmore College in 2007. He is currently the marketing manager of Bicycling Magazine, Roadle Inc.

Emily Blau
Chair of Alumni Council, Semester 21 Student & Semester 33 Apprentice
Emily lives in Leadville, CO (very close to HMI!) and is teaching at Lake County Intermediate School. She went to Deerfield Academy for high school, and graduated from Sewanee in 2014.

Harrison Buck
Semester 9 Student, High Peaks Adventure Apprentice, Semester 21 Apprentice
Harrison is originally from Princeton, NJ. He attended The Hotchkiss School and St. Lawrence University where he was a double major in Environmental Studies & Government. Professionally, Harrison is a photographer, filmmaker, and creative consultant. He is also a ski designer and brand ambassador for Parlor Skis and runs a production company called Pandion Creative.

Heather Cabot
Semester 20 Student
Heather is an Elementary Teacher in Denver, CO. She attended Dana Hall School in Boston, MA for high school, Colorado College for undergrad, and University of Denver for her Masters in Education.

Andy Casamento
Semester 31 Student
Andy lives in New York City.  He’s lived in the world’s greatest city since graduating from University of Richmond in 2019.  He grew up in Canton, MA and went to high school at Nobles. His favorite Beatles’ song is Don’t Let Me Down.

Tate Castro
Semester 27 Student, Semester 44 Apprentice
Tate lives in Los Angeles, CA and works as the director of operations at Tumbleweed Day Camp. She attended high school at Harvard Westlake School and graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with degrees in special and elementary education. She went on to study counseling at the University of Southern California.

Sydney Chun
Semester 18 Student

Alanna Gino
Semester 1 Student
Alanna lives in San Francisco, CA and is a marketing manager at Bloom Energy, a clean energy company. Alanna went to St. Margaret’s Episcopal School, and studied environmental science and public policy at UNC Chapel Hill. She then went on to study at the McCombs School of Business in Austin, TX.

Daniel Learner
Semester 21 Student
Daniel lives in Chicago, IL and works as a data scientist in the natural foods industry. He went to Francis W Parker for high school, Northwestern University for undergrad, and University of Chicago for his Master’s in Computer Science.

Dan Lustick
Semester 8 Student
Dan lives in Boston, MA and is a Nurse Practitioner Student at the MGH Institute of Health Professions. He went to high school at the Hopkins School and graduated from the Boston University School of Public Health in 2011.

Colleen Orr
Chair of Fundraising & Outreach Committee, Semester 27 Student
Colleen lives in Washington, DC and is a policy analyst at UN Principles for Responsible Investment, an investor initiative and leading network for investors demonstrating their commitment to responsible ownership and long-term, sustainable returns. Colleen attended Louisville Collegiate School in Louisville, KY and holds a degree in Environmental Science from Colorado College.

Arthur Piantedosi
Semester 23 Student, Semester 37 Apprentice, Summer Adjunct Faculty
Arthur currently lives in Newburyport, MA where he works as the Business Process Analyst for his family business, Piantedosi Baking Co. Arthur attended the Pingree School in Hamilton, MA and graduated from Hobart and William Smith Colleges in 2015.

Scout Sorcic
Leading Edge 2009 Student, Summer Term 2011 Student, Summer Term 2014 Intern

Elizabeth Sinclair
Semester 13 Student
Elizabeth lives in San Francisco, CA and is a Reproductive Health Specialist at Planned Parenthood. Elizabeth went to high school at Clark Montessori High School and Piedmont High School, and then went to college at the University of Michigan and graduated in 2010. Elizabeth attended Columbia University for graduate school.

Emy Takinami
Chair of DEI Committee, Semester 25 Student, Summer Term 2011 Intern
Emy currently lives in Boston, MA where she attends grad school at Boston University. She is an alumni of the University of Vermont and Brookline High School.

Seton Talty
Semester 24 Student, Semester 36 Apprentice
Seton currently lives in Washington, DC and is the Chair of the Alumni Council! Seton went to St. George’s School and then graduated from Middlebury College in 2015.

Sam Timberg
Semester 7 Student, Summer Term 2005 Intern
Sam lives in Brooklyn, NY and is the Co-owner of Meridian Prime, one of the fastest growing importer of South African wines to the U.S. Sam went to high school at the Landon School and graduated from Middlebury College in 2007.

Parker Watson
Semester 22 Student

Parker lives in Denver, CO and works as a software engineer for Slalom, a modern consulting firm. Parker attended the University of Denver, graduating with a BS in Computer Science in 2014 and an MBA in 2015. He loved Colorado so much after HMI he decided he didn’t want to leave!

Rebecca Wertheimer
Semester 32 Student
Rebecca lives in NYC and works in the art world. She went to Dalton and Whitman College.

Alexandra Wingert
Ex-officio Board Member, Semester 18 Student
Alex lives in Denver, CO and works as an Environmental Engineer for QEP Resources. Alex went to high school at the Crossroads School for the Arts & Sciences. She graduated from CU Boulder in 2012 and studied at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.