01Aug, 2019

Giving Back to the Trails we Hike

Summer Term Blog – Olivia DeVol As the sun shone brightly on my tent, my tarp group and I prepared for our day of trail work. After a filling breakfast of a half bag of hash browns split between four …

23Jul, 2019

Between the Expeditions

July 13 Today we woke up in the wilderness and went to bed in our cabins. After long and exciting expeditions in the beautiful backcountry of Colorado, we got to come back to our beloved HMI campus for a week …

17Jul, 2019

Rejected from Harvard

We woke up at 4:00am while the sun remained asleep, and we fumbled in the darkness to find our headlamps. As we prepared our routinely plain oatmeal with sprinkles of sugar for breakfast, the cold morning air was filled with …

17Jul, 2019

Trekking in the Collegiate Peaks Wilderness

Hello HMI community! It’s Jane Lovett here to tell you about my group’s breathtaking expedition in the Collegiate Peaks Wilderness! Over our 11 days in the backcountry, we hiked South on the Colorado trail between Twin Lakes and Mount Yale …

30Nov, 2017

Evening Events in New York & Connecticut

Join us in for an evening event! Larchmont, NY: Monday, December 4th Brooklyn, NY: Tuesday, December 5th Manhattan, NY: Monday, January 29th Fairfield, CT: Tuesday, January 30th These events are hosted in the homes of recent HMI alumni families and are an opportunity for students …

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