15Sep, 2021

Semester 47: Life on Campus

Written by: Iniye, Frankie, Jack M., Ryder, & Simrin So, you may be wondering what student life is like on campus at HMI! This week, Iniye, Frankie, Jack, Ryder, and Simrin write about chores, academics, cabin life, AMX, and weekend …

08Sep, 2021

Semester 47: 1st Expedition

Written by: Katrina, Jasmine, Ali, Kira, & Nikhil Group A: Days started early on expedition, but our Instructor Team (I-Tteam) made sure we were in our tarps before 9pm. Usually, we woke up around 6:30am, made breakfast, and were hiking …

10Aug, 2021

HMI Semester Update: COVID-19 Protocols

Dear Semester 47 students and families, I’m writing today with important and timely news of updates to our COVID-19 protocols and guidelines concerning vaccines, testing, and visitors.  We are closely monitoring the current national surge in COVID-19 cases, specifically the …

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